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"Monk & Miles"
Stories to Read and Hear!

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The Adventures of Monk & Miles

The Happiest Two Rescue Kittens in the Whole Wide World!    

It is with great pleasure that this reading series is presented to children and families around the world to encourage an understanding, appreciation and love of Cats.  There is, more importantly, a very serious reason for the production of this book series. Cats suffer tremendous abuse and cruelty at an alarming rate.  Some are afraid of cats, some have had a negative experience, others are just mean to animals. Historical myths and stereotypical images shown at Halloween have reinforced negative impressions of cats.  The Adventures of Monk & Miles is a series that shares the wonderful adventures of two beautiful Black kittens, encouraging a new generation of children to develop a healthy respect for cats and spark the spirit of animal conservation, which starts in the home.



Each adventure of Monk and Miles features a lesson on the personality of cats and various ways successfully care for a cat in a home environment.


Click a photo to hear a story.

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