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 Start Healthy, Live Healthy, Stay Healthy!!!


Movement for Health, Sports, & Life

60-Minutes of Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition Lessons Made Fun and Easy!

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 Start Healthy 

 Behaviors Early


                  Level 1


•Beginning movers

•Young Children

•Children With Special Needs

​ and Non-responsive children

Introduce basic program elements of implementation incorporate at the pace comfortable for the children


Provide Physical Activity to Prepare children for Health, for Sports, for Life!


                     Level 3

Physical Education & Health Care Practitioners achieve physical education standards, combat obesity and related illnesses. Incorporating movements and vocabulary that is aligned with age-appropriate elementary physical education standards 

Incorporate Movement in Academic Lessons

                  Level 2 

• Early Literacy and Math

•Cognitive Growth

•Creative Play

•Communication and Literacy

•Social Emotional Skill         Development


                             The Music 

​Music is the core of My Little World, encouraging movement, learning and laughter! The “A Day In PreSchool” CD provides 16 songs through which early care educators, parents and physical therapy practitioners incorporate 60-minutes of physical activity through the course of each day.  The Music appeals to the ethnic diversity of children and families in today’s society, as pre-school lessons are presented in current styles of music over the echoes of Jazz, Blues, Ancient African Drum Rhythms, Boogie Woogie and Gospel, as well as Cuban, South American and Brazilian styles.            

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Manual Photo.png


“Your Heart Jumps To The Beat”

 The Implementation Manual


The My Little World Manual is designed to provide guidance and technical assistance, for the implementation of the physical activity and nutrition exercises of the “My Little World” Vol.1- A Day In Preschool CD. Throughout 102 pages, early care educators, parents and physical therapy practitioners access creative and fun methods of incorporating movement into the daily activities of children and patients, while providing academic reinforcement. Developed from the questions, comments and direction of esteemed advisors, the manual provides various ways to enjoy, enhance and document the achievement of physical activity.             

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Taj and Kai stood staring in wonder at the vast array of fish and sea life in the large blue tank of the Bermuda Aquarium. So still they were, as the watery world before them gently swayed the plants to bending, stirring the sand at the roots, and causing the fish to dip and dodge, as if chasing one another in a floating game of tag. 

                                            You beautiful fish, they thought, wearing colors so bright,

                             We love to watch as you dance from left to right,

                        Wish we could play, all through this bright day

                             Just standing here wondering, how, in what way? 

       You in the water, and we on the land

                         Where you have fins, we have arms and hands,

                        In place of your tail, wide and flat like a sheet

                We have ankles, toes and busy little feet  

                Imagine our play together, without a care

                     But you need the water, and we need the air

                                                     Maybe we could just laugh and giggle where we are, as we twirl

                                       and say to one another, "Welcome, to My Little world!"

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