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My Little World Travels to West Africa 

Ghana  - AFRICA-  Liberia

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Sponsoring Early Education 

Nestled above a bustling marketplace, in downtown Monrovia, West Africa, is the LMA Daycare, Kindergarten & Elementary School. A school lit by chiseled cinder blocks which allows the sun to flow in serving as a source of light for the school. During our visit to the LMA School, Early Educators demonstrated their success implementing My Little World, winning the "Miss Mary Mack" -Patty Cake Challange and proving the better the knees, the better the squat! 


Through the provision of the My Little World educational materials and funds raised from annual concerts and programs, NatiiArts supports the sponsorship of the LMA school and the Wee Care early education program.


Despite the devastation that resulted from the outbreak of Ebola and the worldwide COVID Pandemic, efforts to rebuild and educate continue.  


Loving On The Children

The children we met in Liberia, West Africa, both amazed us, garnishing the most beautiful hues of deep brown and bronze, as well as overwhelmed our hearts with their precious spirits, full of love and brilliance. Many tears of joy were shed as we sang, danced and learned together. Through the combined efforts of The World Bank, United Church of Christ of Washington D.C., private funders and NatiiArts, the school curriculum was developed, and tuition, meals and supplies were provided.



Lauren McDonald is a NatiiArts Children's Champion!!!!! 


Lauren donated her expertise in photography and videography. She traveled with us to Ghana and Liberia, filming every moment of our entire trip!

Shhhh..... Lauren finally fell asleep!......


The Training

The My Little World Early Education training was hosted by Reverend Alexine Howard. 

On the morning of the training, we were honored to meet 58 wonderful, awesome, beautiful, talented early educators! Each excited and ready to learn the techniques to implement the educational and physical activity components of the My Little World Educational Music Series with their students. In a most beautiful opening ceremony, we were introduced by Reverend Alexine Howard, to the community for a day of learning, sharing and cultural exchange. 


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