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NatiiArts considers a challenge that exists in the community and imagines the way in which the arts can support a resolution to the issue. Through partnerships, national and international, childhood obesity, HIV/AIDs prevention and maternal health are addressed in artistic form. We partner with corporations, as well as health based and grassroots organizations. 


It is important to start healthy behaviors early, children must be both physically and mentally healthy to function well in school and in life. Therefore, several of our projects are designed to address childhood obesity, by reducing sedentary behavior to combat illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.


We offer programming and professional development for early educators and families. While encouraging healthy living techniques in the lives of children, we reinforce the fundamentals of the early education curriculum with the My Little World Educational Music Series and provide community programs with the tools to share healthy living practices to the entire family with the My Little World "LIVE" Theatre Production.


Our product line also features materials for the implementation of the My Little World Education Series in classrooms and homes, handmade soft sculpture "Wise Men" Dolls and Handmade Wedding Brooms. Finally, you are invited to enjoy our recently developed reading component, "Monk & Miles", The Happiest Two Rescue Kittens in The World!, and "Saturday Mornings" - The Memorable Moments My Father No Longer Remembers


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The My Little World is brought to life in the healthy living theatre production "Your Heart Jumps To The Beat!"


Designed to entertain and educate children in pre-K (3yrs) through 5th grade, early educators and families, each scene is vibrantly interactive, utilizing songs that appeal to the ethnic diversity of children in today’s society.


Through an engaging script, lessons are taught that range from colors, early literacy and counting, to hand washing, healthy eating fire safety, and so much more!!!!! Our 2024 production acknowledges Lead Prevention and Homelessness.  

The production features a wonderful cast of children moving and learning in a one room schoolhouse, encouraging the audience to join in as they are taught important academic, and healthy lifestyle lessons by their teacher Mr. Goodman Learner, Caribbean Chef Trya Veggeline, our grumpy janitor, Mr. S.R.G. Ray-Monde and the world-renowned heart specialist Dr. A. Orta Thumpbabump. Together, the cast and the audience engage in 60-minutes of movement while learning the importance of daily physical activity, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, exercising for the health of the heart, hand washing, fire safety and so much more!    

My Little World

Educational Music Series 

Professional Development


Early Educators in the U.S. and abroad, are trained to utilize the music, materials and programmatic tools of "My Little World". Special emphasis is given to the achievement of education and physical activity standards in the classroom, while reinforcing the foundations of the Early Education curriculum. 

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Trainings are provided live and virtually through NatiiArts, SHIRE, Inc, and Better Futures DC.

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SHIRE's Childhood Obesity

& Overweight Prevention Program

Through grants and sponsorships, SHIRE supports the expansion of the MLW training in schools and health maintenance organizations, ensuring children in underserved communities, achieve 60-minutes

of daily physical activity, reduce sedentary behaviors and learn healthy living life skills.

 A Jazz Concert of Support

NatiiArts produces an annual concert to raise funds to support the "Ending Period Poverty" campaign to ensure that girls have the supplies needed to stay in school during their monthly cycle.

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