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The "Wise Men" Doll Collection

The “Wise Men” Series, by NatiiArts, is a unique collection of "made to order" hand designed soft sculpture dolls representing the “Wise Men”, who followed a brilliant star in the East, across the desert leading to Bethlehem in search of the child “Jesus”.

Although the Bible references three kings, offering three gifts to the young child, biblical scholars believe that Kings worldwide made their way to meet and worship the child. Therefore, representing origins from around the world, the “Wise Men” wear royal African, European, Asian and East Indian robes made from the finest fabric of their homelands, with crowns and satchels to match. Intentionally faceless, the “Wise Men” remain known only as the Kings.


The Wise Men robes are layered and designed with folds to portray the Wise Men in motion with the exception of the High Priests, which stand straight. Drawstring satchels filled with authentic frankincense and myrrh, are created out of matching fabric and attached to their left side. If desired, the “Wise Men” are saturated in fragrances of ancient oils, complimenting the recreation of these prominent Biblical figures.


Finally, the” Wise Men” are decorated with their most precious jewels, that upon arrival they may literally fall on their knees and worship the young king, as they present a gift of gold. This they do, just as God gave Jesus to the world, because there is no greater gift to give than that which you yourself love.

Let's get started creating your Wise Men Doll

Your "Wise Men" Doll will be made especially for you!

Please forward your interest by email and we will reach out to take your order personally.  You will also have the opportunity to select from the WiseMen that we are currently creating.

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