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Welcome to My Little World

The Place Where Achieveing 60 Minutes of Physical Activity and

Eating Fresh Fruits and Veggies is Fun and Easy! 

My Little World Vol 1 “A Day In PreSchool”

                      The Music 

Awesome music is the core of My Little World, encouraging movement, learning and laughter! The “A Day In PreSchool” CD provides 16 songs through which early care educators, parents and physical therapy practitioners incorporate 60 minutes of physical activity through the course of each day.  The Music appeals to the ethnic diversity of children and families in today’s society, as pre-school lessons are presented in current styles of music over the echoes of Jazz, Blues, Ancient African Drum Rhythms, Boogie Woogie and Gospel, as well as Cuban, South American and Brazilian styles.


       “Your Heart Jumps To The Beat”
         The Implementation Manual

The manual is designed to provide guidance and technical assistance, for the implementation of the physical activity and nutrition exercises of the “My Little World” Vol.1- A Day In PreSchool CD. Early care educators, parents and physical therapy practitioners access creative and fun methods of incorporating movement into the daily activities of children and patients, while providing academic reinforcement. The manual provides various ways to enjoy, enhance and document to achievement of physical activity.

                       “I Am”
The Poster of Thanks to Educators
The “I Am” Poster is a wonderful poem of gratitude to early educators and care givers, featuring an authentic hand print and a very warm and touching message.
           Healthy Exercise Hands
The “Healthy” Exercise Hands are available separately or can be located in the manual. They are designed to be cut out and used while participating in many of the program songs. Children are encouraged to learn their right and left, and count from 1 to 5, as they use the hands to enhance the fun of programmatic activities.
           My Little World “LIVE” 
         The Theatre Production

“My Little World”- The "Live" is an interactive theater production, based on the highly successful music-based educational program. Children and early care educators are engaged in daily physical activity and fun healthy living lessons. Now, through the creativity of the My Little World Live Production team, the Live Production brings to life the music series that has provided thousands of children and educators in the District of Columbia and nationwide, with academic enrichment and healthy lifestyle activities. 


This is a wonderful expansion of our program featuring the well loved music in a vibrant interactive script that teaches the importance of participating in physical activity each and every day, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, hand washing, exercising for the health of the heart, and sooooo much more!


My Little World – “A Day In PreSchool, Early Educators Implementation DVD”.
The DVD is a 6- segment implementation training tool narrated by Natii, that provides a visual of detailed implementation exercises, as it directs early care educators in the specific steps that accompany the “My Little World” program. Through interactive presentations, viewers gain a practical understanding of various steps to incorporate the program into the standard preschool curriculum, and achieve the nationally recommended standards for daily moderate to vigorous physical activity.

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