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DCPS Best Practices Training- 3/31/17: Code OTL E

DCPS Best Practices Training- 3/31/17: Code OTL E

“Engaging America’s Children in the “My Little World” Educational Music Series Program for Health and the Achievement of Physical Education Standards”. Training District of Columbia Early Educators and Physical Education Instructors to successfully incorporate the Multi-Cultural Music of “My Little World” (MLW) in the Pre-school and Early Elementary Physical Education Curriculum.

Each training for Early Educators and/or Health Care practitioners is independently scheduled and priced according to the specifications of each client. Training costs are paid for as a product. Once a contract is assigned a contract code and priced, the fee will be loaded on the purchase page for payment. Please notify NatiiArts through our "Contact Us page" regarding any payment challenges on the "STORE" page.
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