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Natii Wright, Excutive Producer, Creator

     Natii is the creator, voice and executive producer of the “My Little World” educational music series. As a professional Jazz musician, she has feature performances in the Kennedy Center “Black Box” Theatre and the Washington National Theatre to her credit. In tribute to her work raising funds for homeless children in the District of Columbia, she composed “Homeless Child” -Where Do You Belong?, a song featured with Vanessa Bell Armstrong on the National PSA  Campaign of the Coalition for the Homeless.

     Natii is also the former director of the Shiloh Child Development Center in Washington D.C.  During her years directing the center and working with early care educators, she recognized a consistent trend of educational challenges among many children residing in urban environments. With the support of Barbara Ferguson Kamara, former administrator of the District of Columbia Early Care and Education Administration, Natii endeavored to address the health and educational challenges confronting her students. She incorporated music into the pre-school curriculum, developing the foundations of “My Little World” Educational Music Series. The objective was to capture the attention of the students with music, provide fun constructive movement to decrease behavioral challenges, and finally, to reinforce the standard pre-school academic lessons with memorable verses and songs.

      “My Little World” was implemented as a pilot program from 2000 – 2005 at Shiloh. “My Little World” has proven to be beneficial in providing academic reinforcement, while engaging children in healthy movement activities. Now, in partnership with the Summit Health Institute for Research and Education, Inc., (SHIRE), Natii manages SCOOP, SHIRE’s Childhood Overweight & Obesity Prevention Program. She is responsible for effective dissemination of obesity prevention information throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and around the country.

     The “My Little World” Music Series has been the cornerstone of multiple grants designed to increase physical activity. The success of “SCOOP”, and the utilization of “My Little World” in the training of early care educators in the District of Columbia, is acknowledged in the December 2010 Altarum Institute Report entitled “Environmental Scan of Physical Activity Practices and Resources in Washington, DC Child Care Centers”. The evaluation of Centers participating in SCOOP training reported the achievement of more than double the amount of daily structured physical activity for the preschoolers at their centers (78 minutes), compared to centers that received physical activity training other than SCOOP (38 minutes).  The “My Little World” – A Day In PreSchool Early Educators Implementation DVD is now broadcast on the Prince Georges County, Maryland Cable TV Network CTV!

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