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The “My Little World” Educational Music Series is utilized in partnership with SHIRE, Inc., and has served as a key component in the delivery of four childhood obesity prevention grants funded by the District of Columbia Department of Health, DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education and the Kaiser Foundation. Each grant was specifically funded for the purpose of addressing the raising rate of childhood obesity among young children through education, training and the dissemination of healthy nutrition and physical activity information. 


The SHIRE Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention Program (SCOOP), engaged child care centers, home care facilities, District of Columbia Public School pre-kindergarten and elementary physical education classes in a cultural implementation of the nationally recognized program I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL). As  result early educators, children and affiliated families in over 150 facilities now achieve 60 minutes of daily physical activity with "My Little World". Special thanks to Dr. Linda Carson and Amy Requa, the co-developers of IMIL, for in-depth training and support which contributed greatly to the solid programmatic foundation of “SCOOP.” 


The percentage of participating centers achieving 60 or more minutes of MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) increased from 39% prior to SCOOP training to 74% following the training. The percentage of participating centers achieving 60 minutes of MVPA on a daily basis increased from 45% prior to Preventing Overweight and Obesity training to 72%



2010 Altarum Institute Report


The success of “SCOOP”, and the utilization of “My Little World” in the training of early

care educators in the District of Columbia, was acknowledged in the December 2010 Altarum

Institute Report entitled “Environmental Scan of Physical Activity Practices and Resources in Washington, DC Child Care Centers”. Centers participating in SCOOP training reported the achievement of more than double the amount of daily structured physical activity for the preschoolers at their centers (78 minutes), compared to centers that received physical activity training other than SCOOP (38 minutes).  The report stated that program participants utilized the phrase “loved it” as they described the music of “My Little World” Educational Music Series. Read the entire Report and Report summary on the success of SCOOP and the "My Little World" Educational Music Series at:



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