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                         Who We Are

NatiiArts creates music based media projects and products, educational theatre arts productions for children and young adults, and provides management for programs that enhance the health and well-being of children and families. Through successful corporate partnerships the lives of children, early educators and community members are enhanced and changed for the betterWe are an organization of musicians, artists, poets, speakers, actors, educators, trainers, social workers, therapists, professors, engineers, parents and citizens, dedicated to using our talents to disseminate information imperative to the health and well-being of children and young adults and families.



We are a partner to schools, medical facilities, non profit community organizations and corporations, in the execution of programs designed to engage children, young adults and families in healthy living programs and activities; disseminating healthy living information and providing training and technical assistance for early care educators, health care providers and parents.



We are champions fighting to reduce the educational challenges confronting children and young adults in today’s world.


We are a source of education and training through artistic endeavors and effort.


We are a catalyst through which young performers develop skills, confidence and talent.


We are a team that works together to serve the needs of youth, as they fight the issues that challenge their ability to live a happy healthy lifestyle.


We are determined to assist youth as they combat overweight and obesity, HIV/AIDS, low self- esteem, and the host of social norms that threaten to stifle their potential in life.


We are the entertainers that have come together for years in concerts, art exhibits and programs to raise funds for children and causes that improve their lives.


We are, for no other reason than the love of children, those who make the sacrifice of time, energy and finances, to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed.



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