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The Tool of NatiiArts

Creating innovative products and programs, designed to entertain, educate, uplift the spirit and encourage well-being while improving the quality of life of children, early educators, families and communities in America and abroad through the Arts


NatiiArts is a media-based entity that develops and oversees the implementation of innovative performance programming and professional development training.

Performance, through various forms of art, is utilized to deliver entertaining educational experiences, encourage intellectual development among children, and disseminate healthy living techniques and practices to communities nationwide and abroad, particularly within at-risk, underserved populations.

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Newly Created Cloth from the Indinkra Village, Ghana, West Africa

Music  •   Theatre  •    Literature   •   Jazz    •    Performance       Narrating     Art   •   Professional Development   •   Technical Assistance   •   Program Moderating  Vocal Artistry    •    Community Service  

About Section
Liberia Indinkra edit_edited_edited_edit


The Arts will support even more in 2024!!

"Two By Two"

Supporting the Lead Prevention Initiative For Children and Families in Washington DC

  • Raise awareness about childhood lead exposure

  • Expand understanding of lead’s potential impacts on children’s health and cultural practices

  • Increase the lead testing rates in children, 2 tests by age 2

  • Encourage the prevention of childhood lead exposure

 "Ending Period Poverty"
in Liberia, West Africa through Concerts

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